Features Of Where’s My Staff

  • Works based on NFC technique

    It is a NFC based technique found in most mobile phones. In case this feature is not supported by the mobile phone, the application automatically switches to the QR technique.
  • Works based on GPS technique

    It works through GPS technique, where employees can be tracked only upon their consent.
  • User friendly

    Ease of use, when we designed this application we wanted to make it as easy as possible for the user to check in and out with the minimum amount of effort. As a result, the application consists of only one button.
  • Negligible consumption of phone's battery

    Slight consumption of the mobile’s energy, in which the application will not consume any additional energy than its regular consumption of the battery.
  • Ability to use application without internet connection

    Ability to use the application offline, in which the information will be stored in the application until it’s connected to the Internet, not to mention that the Internet consumption will not exceed 20KB a day.
  • Disability of manipulating the phone's time and date

    The user will not be able to manipulate the mobile phone’s time settings, since the application is based solely on the telecommunication network operators and not on the mobile phone’s setting itself.
  • Privacy policy

    Privacy policy, in which any user can be tracked only upon his consent. Based on that, no one, even the admin and the producing company, can track or violate the privacy of any of the users. (all information is confidential and secured by the privacy security systems of Android and IOS each according to their mobile phones)
  • All information is safely stored on cloud

    All information is securely stored in a cloud so that the admin may log in and perform any adjustments from anywhere all over the world.
  • 6 comprehensive reports

    Offers six comprehensive reports, reports that identify the number of employees and hours of presence for each user or, in general, the days of presence and absenteeism of each employee according to the geographical location etc.
  • Exporting reports in form of Excel sheets.

For whom is “Where’s My Staff”?

Because, every organization needs a reliable system to guarantee orderliness and controlled environment in all fields of industry, whether it’s manufacturing organizations, educational or health care related organizations, a new shift towards the future is a must in order to survive in such a highly competitive environment. Possessing a system that could easily and precisely record the attendance data grants an organization a deeper clairvoyance which ultimately improves productivity and reduces time to process data manually. This bestows upon an organization a competitive advantage that sets it apart from its rivals. Acquiring a tracking process through our application ensures that your employees, students, doctors or whomever in a workforce; are responsible for their own performance and reduces time waste and errors. In general, this application is for:
    • Small organizations or companies, and offices that don’t include a large number of employees, where this application will obviate the need to install an attendance and control machines that are usually very costly and need a lot of equipment
    • Secondary branches for companies that don’t have a large number of employees
    • Youth organizations that need to check the attendance of the members in each and every meeting
    • University professors can take the attendance of students for each class using this application
    • Companies and corporations that have employees working outside their premises, like salesmen, financial auditors, nurses.. etc. They can use this application to locate their position and the time of arriving to and leaving from the clients’ places
    • All the companies that got fed up with the technical issues and high costs of the control and attendance systems and the out-dated GPS systems