The story behind Where’s My Staff

Where’s My Staff is an application invented by Tragging’s team to solve issues that the team itself suffered from. In general, as any programming and services companies, there’s always a team who works outside the company’s premises whether it is a technical support team or sales team etc. however, the problem was that the teams’ leaders always faced a lot of problems regarding the team’s organization and the teams’ management, whether it’s controlling their attendance or tracking their tasks.
So, Tragging, a company that basically offers advanced business solutions to different companies using RFID technology, started its researches in pursue of finding different systems that could solve this issue. Unfortunately, only a few companies did seek solutions to get it over with this problem. The current most famous system that tracks tasks is called name PDA aka Personal Digital Assistant, which works through a special device that costs an arm and a leg and is very complicated not to mention the its permanent need to access the Internet in order to function.
As a result, we decided to take our research even further and looked for mobile phones’ applications, since most, if not all, people carry smart phones. We found that there are quite a good number of applications that can locate as well as track tasks but they were expensive as they cost between $60 and $100 a month and needs a permanent access to the Internet, thus, consumes most of the mobile phone’s energy.

Only then did a research and development group suggest that we need to come up with an exquisite application to seriously address this issue. And indeed, we started working on this project since the middle of 2015. During our study of the market, we found that there’s a huge demand for convenient and low costing attendance machines and control systems. So, the research and development group at Tragging kept on seeking a solution that integrates the control system to control employees’ work both inside and outside the company. As a result the idea of using NFC technique that already exists in smart phones finally emerged however it remained untapped and not widely known. (This technology is exclusively used in payment applications like Tap2Pay by Audi Bank.)
Tragging’s team is still working on and developing the application for its second edition release expected to be in March 2016, which will include many features some of which are:

  • Ability to create tasks and assign it to a person or a group

  • Link the outputs of the application to the accounting program Quickbooks

  • Adding a chatting feature and sending text and voice messages